MCR-SGA is Your Voice

MCR-SGA is Montgomery County’s county-wide student government organization for high school students. MCR seeks to represent students and fight for their best interests at the local and state level. We hold as a guiding principle that every student in Montgomery County has the right to speak, to be heard, to learn the views of others, and to initiate growth within the school environment.

School Funding

We fight for the full funding of the MCPS CIP and Operating Budget.


The Student Voice

We work to ensure student input is heard on all policy matters

Student Well Being

We advocate for policy that ensures our mental health in schools

SMOB Elections

MCR’s Special Elections Committee (SEC) runs the annual SMOB elections

The Grant Program

We aim to empower students through funding with our grant program


MCR hosts conferences and discussions throughout the year

Become a Legislative Affairs Deputy!


Submit a Resolution!


Executive Board Meetings

Executive Board Meetings are monthly meetings of MCR’s Executive Board. We take positions on legislation, discuss policy issues and debrief on the monthly work of our departments. All students are welcome to attend.

General Assemblies

A General Assembly is a monthly meeting held at a different high school where we discuss what MCR has been working on, talk about new efforts, and vote on legislation. Host schools usually provide entertainment, breakfast.

School Visits

MCR’s Community Relations Department regularly visits SGAs in schools to spread awareness of pertinent legislation, promote advocacy efforts and seek potential opportunities for collaboration.

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